Seedling Coir Plant Pots 8cm – Set of 5


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These natural coconut fibre plant pots are a super-strong, flexible, reusable and 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic plant pots. Made from coir, a natural fibre extracted from the husk of a coconut, and reinforced with natural plant-based latex, the flexibility of the pots means you can simply squeeze them gently to release the roots. Reduced root disturbance results in healthier and stronger plants in your home, garden or allotment.

The gardening industry is guilty of using far too much disposable plastic – here is an excellent, durable, re-useable and more eco-friendly green alternative.

Each pot measures 8cm top diameter by 8cm high.


  • Set of 5 natural coir seedling plant pots
  • Measurements: 8cm x 8cm


  • Made from coconut fibre
  • Robust & flexible
  • Strengthened with plant latex
  • 100%¬†biodegradable & plastic-free
  • Can be reused many times

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Coconut fibre
Plant based latex


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