Space Station Eco Friendly Playset


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Buildable play sets for ages 4-99 year olds.

Create a world of fun and stories with Playpress. A universe of buildable connectable play sets that are made sustainably without plastic. Our sets are suitable for ages 4 and upwards, providing hours of construction fun and play. They are made from a unique robust play board, a material that can stand up to demanding play and above all is totally recyclable and biodegradable.

Imaginative Interactive Play: Construct this two part interlocking space station, with its onboard laboratory, detachable capsule, fully opposable arm and 2 astronauts. This is fully compatible with the astronaut and robots set and our spaceship.
Kids Love To Be Creative: All durable PlayPress pieces can connect to one another, because imagination has no limits!
Perfect Gifts For Children: Great as presents or for party bags, its small size makes it easy to transport and post, and its packaging turns into a box, so there’s no waste.
Develops Kids Creativity… construction, problem solving and motor skills. Perfect for Imaginative girls and boys, age 4-10

Eco Conscious: Manufactured in the UK from Playboard made from wood from Sustainable forests. Plastic-free, and not harmful to the Environment or Oceans.
Inks: We use food safe water-based inks that are vegan and ocean friendly.
Glue: We use a water-based adhesive that is food safe, biodegradable and therefore ocean friendly.
Board: The core section of Playboard consists solely from virgin fibres from trees from sustainable forests in Finland. It is OBA free and conforms to the European toy safety directives.

Pack size – 23.3cm x 23.3cm x 1.4cm

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