Welcome to EcoMojo. Delivering Zero Waste, Plastic Free & Earth Friendly Shopping

A Community Interest Company

Putting Planet, People & Purpose before Profit


The company will benefit the community by facilitating zero-waste shopping, allowing customers to reduce their carbon foot-prints and reduce the impact on the environment of excess packaging.

The company will source as many products as possible locally to minimise its own carbon foot-print, but also to support other local small businesses, and assist in the circular economy.

By allowing customers to only purchase what they need from loose good, food waste will be eliminated, and customers will benefit financially.

Regulator of Community Interest Companies Statement


You can come and see us at one of our pop-ups, or take advantage of our Click & Collect or Home Delivery services at a time that’s better for you. We can often even deliver the same day.

To see how things work, pop on to the ‘How It Works’ page using the button below

You can buy as much or as little as you need. No more unused and unloved out of date items in your cupboards.

Shopping this way will open your eyes not only to how you can reduce plastic, but how you can also save money by reducing your food waste.


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