Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges – Box of 2


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Pack of 2 ergonomic biodegradable reusable kitchen sponges
100% biodegradable – made from wood pulp (plant cellulose)
Absorbs up to 10 times of their weight
Environmentally-friendly, reusable & fully biodegradable sponges
Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom
Dyed using FDA organic pigment,
Each sponge: 115 (l) x 65 (w) x 30 (h) mm

Tree planted for every pack sold

Materials & Packaging

  • 100% biodegradable wood pulp (plant cellulose)
    100% plastic-free
    Comes in a 100% recycled unbleached Kraft box, printed with Soy Ink, which is 100% recyclable.

End of Life Disposal

  • When the sponge is no useful in cleaning your dishes throw the sponge at your best friends head (joking!!!). As long as the sponge lands on a patch of grass, it will biodegrade. If you want to speed up the breaking down of the sponge, simply bury it underground or put it in your home compost. If your council collects food waste for composting, you can also put the sponge in the food waste bin.

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Materials:, Coir, natural, latex, cotton, Packaging:, Cardboard, sleeve


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