Loose Coffee Beans Colombian Swiss Water Decaf 100g


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Loose coffee beans roasted right here in Okehampton, Devon. This decaf is perfect for those who love the taste and aroma of fresh coffee, but prefer not to have the caffeine.

Forming one trisect of what is known as the Coffee Triangle, Quindio sits within the rural Paisa region of Colombia, famous for producing coffee.
Smallholders and their families and neighbours pick coffee in Colombia. They wash and dry it on the farm, often at high altitudes on steep slopes. Or they bring the loose coffee beans to a nearby beneficiary for processing. Local farm owner Hernan Israel Ocendo Usman collates the coffee at the dry mill facility. It originates from a group of 10 farms within the Quindio department.

Peruvian, Columbia, Nicaragua and El salvador.

Notes – Candyfloss, Marzipan, Plum, Strawberry

VARIETAL | Castillo, Caturra,
PROCESS | Swiss Water Decaf


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