Yogi Tea Organic Christmas Tea Advent Calendar


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Enjoy 24 handpicked festive selections from Yogi Tea® with this beautifully designed Christmas tea advent calendar. A great gift for tea lovers.

Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar is jam-packed with 24 special organic tea sachets – one for each of the 24 days until Christmas. The perfect addition to a wonderful festive season!

Beautifully designed, Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar contains 24 individually wrapped tea sachets each containing a specially selected variety of this hugely popular organic herbal tea range.

Flavours include Christmas Tea x 2, Classic, Ginger Lemon, Bedtime Tea, Green Tea Matcha Lemon, Turmeric Chai, Lime Mint, Licorice, Turmeric Orange, Choco, Women`s Tea, Ginger Orange with vanilla, Sweet Chai, White Tea with Aloe Vera, Ginger, Green Chai, Green Balance, Sweet Chilli, Rooibos, Wellbeing, Black Chai, Minty Chlorella and Licorice Mint.

The teabags are biodegradable made from abaca (a type of banana) and have no staple, with a 100% certified organic cotton string and FSC certified paper tag. The envelopes each teabag comes in are made from FSC certified paper but have been heat sealed using small amounts of plastic, however they are still recyclable.


Christmas Tea: Rooibos*, cinnamon* (13%), liquorice*, coriander*, honeybush* (6%), orange peel*, cloves*, black pepper*, anise*, dried lemon juice*, star anise* (3%), cardamom*, roasted chicory*, lime*, orange oil*, cinnamon oil*.
Classic: Cinnamon* (52%), ginger* (17%), cardamom* (16%), cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*.
Ginger Lemon: Ginger* (43%), liquorice*, lemon grass*,black pepper* (5%), lemon peel* (4%), peppermint* (4%), lemon oil* (3%), hibiscus*, dried lemon juice* (2%).
Bedtime: Fennel* (31%), chamomile flowers* (19%), peppermint*, lemon balm*, cardamom*, lemon grass*, sage* (4,5%), lavender flowers* (4%), hops* (2%), nutmeg*
Green Tea Matcha Lemon: Green tea* (55%) (Tencha* 43%, Sencha*10%, Matcha* 2%), dried lime fruit* (9%), liquorice*, lemon grass* (9%), peppermint*, black pepper*, dried lemon juice* (3%), guarana*, lemon oil*, lemon verbena*, lemon peel*, ginger*.
Turmeric Chai: Turmeric root* (55%), cinnamon* (14%), liquorice*, ginger* (7%), cardamom* (3%), black pepper*, apple*, fennel*, mace*, cocoa shells*, cloves*.
Lime Mint: Liquorice* (29%), dried lime fruit* (15%), spearmint* (15%), peppermint* (15%), cardamom* (15%), dried lemon juice* (4%), turmeric root*, ginger*, cinnamon*, cloves*, black pepper*.
Licorice: Liquorice* (38%), cinnamon* (32%), orange peel* (8%), ginger*, cardamom* (4%), roasted chicory* cloves*, orange oil*, black pepper*, vanilla extract*.
Turmeric Orange: Turmeric root* (50%), liquorice*, cinnamon*, orange peel* (9%), apple*, ginger*, black pepper*, cardamom*, orange oil* (1%), cocoa shells*, vanilla beans* (1%), white hibiscus*, fennel*, mace*, cloves*.
Choco: Cocoa shells* (56%), cinnamon* (15%), liquorice* (14%), carob*, barley malt, fat-reduced cocoa powder* (2%), cardamom*, ginger*, cloves*, ginger oil*, black pepper*, vanilla extract*, cinnamon oil*, vanilla beans*.
Women’s Tea: Ginger* (15%), orange peel* (14%), cinnamon*, fennel, chamomile flowers* (9%), dandelion*, barley malt*, liquorice*, orange oil*, black pepper* juniper berries, cardamom*, cloves*, angelica root extract*.
Ginger Orange with Vanilla: Ginger* (41%), liquorice*, lemon grass*, orange peel* (4%), black pepper*, vanilla extract* (3%), orange oil* (3%), peppermint* (2,5%), anise*.
Sweet Chai: Anise* (33%), fennel* (21%), liquorice* (19%), cardamom*, black pepper* (10%), cinnamon*, ginger*, cloves*.
White Tea with Aloe Vera: Basil* (23%), white tea* (20%), lemon verbena*, liquorice*, jasmine green tea* (6%), cinnamon* (4%), rosemary sage*, turmeric root* (3%), fennel*, cocoa shells*, chamomile flowers* (2%), schisandra berries*, 200 times concentrated aloe vera gel* (0,3%).
Ginger: Ginger* (62%), lemon grass*, liquorice*, peppermint* (6%), black pepper* (1%)*.
Green Chai: Cinnamon* (30%), spearmint* (21%), green tea* (20%), ginger* (9%), cardamom* (8%), cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*.
Green Balance: Green tea* (70%), elderflower* (9%), lemon grass* (8%), peppermint* (4%), natural flavour, dried kombucha drink*, lemon verbena*.
Sweet Chili: Liquorice* (35%), cocoa shells* (14%), spearmint* (11%), fennel*, anise*, ginger*, peppermint* (5%), nettle*, cinnamon* (2%), chili pepper* (1%), cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*.
Rooibos: Rooibos* (70%), cinnamon* (11%), ginger* (4%), carob*, roasted chicory*, cardamom* (2,5%), cloves* (1,5%), black pepper*, cinnamon oil*, ginger oil*, cardamom oil*, vanilla extract*
Wellbeing: Cinnamon* (30%), sage* (23%), liquorice*, oregano* (8%), cardamom*, lemon grass* (4,5%), ginger*, cloves*, lemon verbena*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*, ginger oil*, tenugreek*, coriander*.
Black Chai: Black tea* (31%), cinnamon* (17%), ginger* (17%), anise* (10%), rooibos* (10%), roasted chicory*, black pepper*, cloves*, cinnamon oil*, ginger oil*.
Minty Chlorella: Peppermint* (27%), lemon grass* (25%), liquorice*, basil*, lemon balm*, white hibiscus*, moringa*, dried lime fruit*, chlorella* (1%), baobab fruit*, nettle*.
Licorice Mint: Peppermint* (43%), liquorice* (34%), cinnamon*, cardamom* (4%), ginger* (2%), cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*, cardamom oil*, ginger oil*.

*certified organic

For allergens please see ingredients in bold. Some teas contain ingredients containing liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.


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